ja3Kasia (Katarzyna) Koralewska is a textile-based and multi-media artist and educator currently living in Calgary, Canada. She received her education at the Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary, Canada (Mobility/Exchange Program 2007/2008) and Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland (Master of Fine Arts 2009). She presently teaches surface design in the Fibre Program and drawing in Extended Studies at the Alberta College of Art & Design. Her artistic practice involves creating large-scale silkscreen printed textile pieces, drawings and video installations. Her work has been exhibited in Lodz and Warsaw (Poland), Berlin (Germany), Klatovy (Czech Republic) and Calgary (Canada).





People are one of my greatest inspirations. They are the main subjects of my artwork, my models, my co-workers, participants of my projects and finally my audience. I have explored human beings’ beauty and complexity in many diverse ways. I find it fascinating to observe and study the human body. It is always a great challenge to find a new and original way of depicting it. I concentrate on the human body in my drawings and incorporate them into my textile pieces. People are also often the subject of my photography, video and installations. People’s behavior is of great interest to me, including interactions while working on my pieces. Sometimes they take an active part in my work and other times I just observe them from a distance. I use new media such as video to record their actions and reactions; it enables me to illustrate some interesting social and cultural issues.

I consider myself a multimedia artist. However, it is drawing that most of my projects begin with. It might be a quick sketch that describes the general idea or essential part of a piece. I use drawing at the design stage of most of my work, and find challenge and great enjoyment in drawing from observation.

Recently I have been focusing on textile art. I think it is fascinating how textiles are used so diversely in every area of the art world. Canvases in painting, fashion and interior design products, screens for video projections – they are all based on or supported by textiles. In my textile pieces I use a variety of dying techniques, embroidery, felting and sewing, although the technique I explore the most is silkscreen printing. I design patterns and repeat them on fabric, which is then used for fashion purposes or interior decoration. I also print on textile as if I was painting and then stretch the fabrics on the frames. They are all rather large pieces as I find scale an important element of my work, as well as the way my pieces interact with the space.

Another medium I explore is video. It is relatively new for me and I am fascinated with possibilities it provides for communicating my ideas to the viewer. Video enables me to present some of my concepts and observations in a powerful way that no other medium can. I also appreciate the ways that video art can be displayed. Projection provides amazing opportunities to explore space, especially the space between the projector and the surface being projected on. Any objects in the way of projection create new images, and in some pieces I utilize that by combining my video work with textile works or drawings.

Besides the techniques mentioned, I often use photography, sculpture, papermaking, felting, graphic design and painting. But it is always the idea that determines the technique and medium to be used.