file1Kasia Koralewska is a textile-based and multi-media artist and educator currently living in Calgary, Canada. She received her education at the Alberta College of Art & Design in Calgary, Canada and Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland (Master of Fine Arts 2009). She presently teaches in the Fibre Program and Continuing Education at the Alberta College of Art & Design. Her artistic practice involves creating large-scale silkscreen printed textiles, drawings and installations. Her work has been exhibited in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Canada.





I am a multimedia artist and a designer/maker with an interest in contributing to a more profound understanding of the human condition. I am concerned with an opposed identity of people as individual beings versus people as a part of system – elements of society.

The majority of my work is based on observation and analysis conducted through drawing, video and photography. Inevitably it finds its presence in my designs, prints and textile installations. It revolves around my curiosity in people (myself included), our relationships, spaces we live in, and aspects we keep private or choose to share.

To search for the originality and uniqueness of each human individual I closely study their bodies and physicality. I create the situations in which I can illustrate the differences in behaviors or diversity of interpretations. I often analyze my own body, or precisely the parts responsible for making and creating – my hands.

I also perceive and portray people as collective, linked elements of society. Often an accidental recording of events ignites a new realization and evolves into a larger project.

My work also leads me to people’s private spaces and surroundings. As a surface designer, textile artist and a maker I enter these spaces vicariously through my home décor objects and elements. Patterns became an integral part of my fibre practice. My imagery is comprised of actual elements as oppose to abstract forms. I often manipulate them in order to camouflage their literal meaning.

My practice involves constant learning of new techniques, skills and materials. Setting new challenges within areas of art and craft is crucial to my growth and persistent engagement. My great admiration for an excellence in craftsmanship has a significant influence on my work. The emphasis on mastering technical aspects allows me to create complex, multilayered and extraordinarily large-scale prints. In drawing and other media it culminates with readiness to study difficult situations in all scales and with various techniques.