Crowds is my ongoing project. So far it consists of four large photographs. The first one is of people at a market in Poland. After taking pictures for a month I realized that all of them together constitute a portrait of “polish market society”. In 2008 while studying at Alberta College of Art and Design I decided to take another set of pictures. I wanted to confront the images of people from my old world with a new crowd I was surrounded by – people of ACAD. I put all the pictures (160) from the market together and printed a large-scale photograph (40”x85”). I placed it on the floor of a staircase, protected it with acetate and took pictures from above of ACAD people on the background of people from Polish market. Then I put all the 160 new pictures together and printed a second large-scale photograph. When I went back to graduate from my home institution I decided to confront the two existing crowds with a third one – the crowd of Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz.
Each set of pictures portrays different group of people. They also represent changes in my life. Every next photograph is filled with more elements then the previous one, which is analogical to myself gaining new experiences.