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basic social unit hierarchies: silkscreen printing, drawing

basic social unit hierarchies: this work focuses on matriarchal and patriarchal elements within a basic social unit – a family. I study the distinction between these two models, based on my and my partner’s genealogical histories. I closely observe the generational (three generations) and ethnographic (Slavic and Acadian) differences and transformations in regards to gender imposed roles within studied families. I hope that the process along with the artwork culminating my research will, to some extent, elucidate my position and identity as a woman in my own family.

This pillar depicts dynamics between matriarchal and patriarchal figures within my family. I am in the process of researching and creating a graphic representation of these dynamics within my partner’s family. It is important for me to find out how our different histories have impacted our ideas of partnership. I want to be aware of any behavioural tendencies we both may have inherited into our relationship.