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I am a textile artist and designer; my practice includes observation and analysis of people both individually and as anonymous members of a larger whole. My ideas develop through drawings, photography, silkscreen printing, variety of textile practices and installation. I am curious about people (myself included), and our impact on the environment, our relationships, spaces we inhabit, and what aspects we keep private or choose to share publicly.


To search for the originality and uniqueness of each individual, I carefully study their bodies and physicality. Sometimes I create controlled situations where I can illustrate the differences in behaviour. Other times I document people as collective, linked elements of society. I am interested in people as a dominant species, who significantly impact their environment. A careful observation of my surroundings and accidental recording of events often ignite a discovery, which leads to extensive research.


My practice is continually evolving while my technical skills are constantly being refined. I am always learning new and improved ways of working. Currently I am focused on researching sustainable materials. I have been exploring the natural dyes as my main printing medium. My desire is to produce technically complex, multilayered, large-scale prints. In drawing and other media, it culminates with readiness to study difficult situations in all scales and with various techniques.



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