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Admire Aquire Devour

Admire Acquire Devour investigates peoples’ relationships with nature. Driven by curiosity and ambition, we insert ourselves into all environments. Some are satisfied with respectful coexistence, some demand to own and restructure, others exhaust the resources, and destroy the environments. The issue of sustainability is complex. I do not claim to know the solutions, nor do I dare to judge. However, I can learn and make a difference. The process of using natural dyes and a choice of printing on sustainable fabric are the crucial aspects of this piece; they become the work’s conceptual foundation. The triptych is meant to be playful and beautiful yet alarming and disconcerting.

title: Admire Aquire Devour

mediumnatural dyes silkscreen printed on hemp + organic cotton

date: 2020

dimension: 90" x 35"

Admire Aquire Devour a.jpg
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